Deary's Dynamites

Deary's Dynamites

Dear Parents,

Hello! Welcome to the world of second grade! I’m thrilled to be working with your children this year. It will be an exciting year filled with new ideas, new skills, and a great deal of growth. I have been teaching here in Brooklyn for many years.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Special Education. As a teacher, I take my responsibilities for educating children seriously. They are our future. In our classroom, learning activities are varied to reach all children and their strengths. You will not see an overload of paperwork coming home because in our classroom many activities are “hands on”.

It is important that the children come to school each day well rested and ready to learn. Please have your child at school on time so that he/she feels cool, calm, collected, and prepared. When children arrive to school late, it is difficult to get into the flow of the day.

As a parent of four grown children, grandparent of two, I am very aware of the demands of everyday living when children are young! I will be keeping in contact with you throughout the year with any highlights, concerns, and upcoming events. I will be using a webpage that is connected to the school’s website, Seesaw, extra notes home, by email if that is easier for you, or by a phone call. I am at school early each day (usually around 7:00) and can be contacted here.  I am available by phone before 8:30. My extension is 324.

            Your child will have not have homework assigned each night. Each student needs to read for at least fifteen minutes.  If your child has work that was not finished in class, they WILL have that to complete and return to me the following day.

            In second grade, we do a lot of reading. I use trade books, classic novels written for younger readers, Storyworks Jr. and many other types of literature. Last year Grade Two began a reading and writing workshop system. I will be using a combination.  Each day, I will be reading aloud to the students. It is important to read aloud to children.

Encouraging your child to be a reader may be one of the most important gifts you can give your child. Reading together gives you and your child time to bond and to communicate with each other. Here are some hints on reading with your child.

***Praise your child for his or her efforts.

***Encourage interaction by pausing during a story to ask your child to predict what will happen next.

***Invite your child to retell stories you’ve read.

***Encourage your child to use a book’s pictures and familiar words as clues to meaning.

***Involve your child in both questions and and answers after reading the story.

***Don’t be afraid to pick up informational books to share. Research shows that the more information that a child has to draw on, the more readily they will find success with content area subjects such as social studies and science.

            Our class  will be using Engage NY for math this year. Many lessons will use a variety of manipulatives to assist in solidifying concepts being taught. Addition and subtraction math facts to twenty should be secure by the end of second grade. Topics this year include place value, Measurement and Data, Time and Money, Geometry, and more.

            Science and social studies are set up to be as hands-on as possible. We will be covering many interesting topics! Scholastic News will be used as part of Social Studies, as well as Scholastic News Science.

            Brooklyn School has chosen to use the Zaner-Bloser Handwriting program. I have enclosed a copy of the individual letters of the alphabet in manuscript. Directions for forming each letter are also included. I ask that you help your child learn to form letters using the Zaner-Bloser Method of writing. I will be reinforcing proper letter formation on all work done in the classroom. Thank you for your assistance.

            I will be using the laptops with the class daily. We will work on keyboarding skills, writing, reading and math reinforcement and extensions. Technology is an important component in today’s world!

            To conclude, I would like you to know that if you have any questions or concerns about anything that comes up during the year, please do not hesitate to contact me. Together we can make this a positive and productive school year for your child!


                                                                        Mrs. Deary

Our Specials Schedule:
  • Monday: Library

  • Tuesday: Music

  • Wednesday: P.E.

  • Thursday: S.T.E.A.M.

  • Friday: Art

Recess: 10:10-10:35

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